The Blood Moon At Sunrise

The Blood Moon Just Before Sunrise

When I was planning to make a blood moon photo I originally had this barn in mind. With it being low to the horizon I knew that I could make photos from this point for a long time. I could also get back to make a telephoto image. When I went to campus though I realized that this idea might have to be scrapped. As the moon was setting though I hoped that the clouds would not ruin the photo. This barn is not far from my house so it has appeared on the blog a few times over the years. This might be my favorite instance of it.

Balancing The Light

These are always crazy situations to be in. The light is not the best on the foreground subject, but you have the moon in the background. Luckily for me it was still during the eclipse time so I could make an exposure that let everything come together very well. As I look back at Tuesday I realize what a great day it was. I had my amazing early morning photo session with the blood moon. During the day I was setting something up that will show itself on this blog in the future. I am excited about a new project that I am involved in. Of course the night cap was being at the home opener in Mackey. Lately freelance has felt like a wasteland. Days like Tuesday are invigorating. They show me that there is still a path to make this work.

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