Blood Moon Lit

Early Morning Fun With The Blood Moon

Tuesday morning I was up much earlier than I should have been to see the blood moon. At the last second I changed my plans to photograph this event to head up to campus to see what I could do with it there. I knew that I couldn’t get too far away from objects to really make impactful photos, but I wanted to try and just show it over campus even if it would be smaller. I put Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty on my phone, and headed that way. My first photo I made on my way in at the boilermaker statue. You can see that photo here. It was worth getting up that early just to watch the transition that the moon made.

Photo Inspiration

At the beginning of every month I watch What’s In The Night Sky by Alyn Wallace on YouTube. I don’t know how many years I have done this for now, but it seems like I found the channel early on in my photography journey. He starts every month off with what you can expect to see in the sky over the course of the month. I never seem to get out for the meteor showers, but events like this one are great to know of a few weeks in advance. Of course the moon was so low and in the wrong part of the sky for most of what I would have liked to have done with it. I spent a couple of weeks trying to find a tall object on campus where I could get far enough away with the big glass to make a photo. At the end of the day I followed my gut and just made some overall photos with the moon in the background. It turned out to be much more fun. If you get the chance check Alyn out on YouTube here. You can bet that just before December I will be watching to see what I can expect in the sky for the next month. He has a lot of great tutorials on the site as well. It is well worth the look.

2 Replies to “Blood Moon Lit”

  1. I really like the way you took these photos. Love that last one with the structure in the forefront and the moon with its pinkish color in the dark sky. The perspective here is wonderful.

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