Photographing College Basketball: Austin Peay At Purdue

Back In Mackey Very Quickly

It is funny how fast things work out sometimes. When I left Mackey on Tuesday it was thinking that I wouldn’t be back for a while. During the day Thursday I was contacted about making photos for the game last night. It was a great opportunity that let me get back inside one of my favorite places to make photos. I jumped at the chance and went in to photography Austin Peay last night. I am pretty sure that I have photographed this school before early on in this endeavor during a volleyball match.

The Anthem

I always try and think of something to do during the National Anthem, but on Veteran’s Day I knew that I wanted to make a cool photo. The paint in the key always makes for a good reflection spot so I got the camera on the ground to make this photo. It is one that I have made before, but last night felt like a good time to get it back out again.


When you are covering a new team away from their home you never know what you are going to get during the introductions. Each player has their own thing that they do so you have to be quick on your feet thinking about what you want to do. As this player came in low to his teammates I put my camera down near the ground to get this angle up at him. I am pretty happy with how this turned out.

The Camera On The Ground

I talk about this camera a lot, but it is a fun way to get some images that look a little different during the game. On the play above I liked my photo at 70mm of this player at the hoop, but this wider angle tells a much cooler story. You can see that it was four against one. It doesn’t take much extra work to have this and it is usually worth a couple of extra photos a game that are pretty cool.

A Familiar Face

As I was scanning the Austin Peay bench I saw a familiar face. Brett Carey was on Coach Lansing’s staff at Indiana State during my time there. The longer that I do this the more that people that I have photographed seem to spread out. It is always great to see a familiar face on the sidelines again.

Bonus Photos

I had a ton of fun last night. It is always great to get out and show that you can still do this thing. Here are a few bonus photos that I liked from the night.

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