Harrison Football vs. Central Catholic

Harrison And Central Catholic Scrimmage To Start The Season

Last night I went down to Harrison to watch their scrimmage with Lafayette Central Catholic. I am normally not a huge fan of photographing these scrimmages. They historically don’t have a game flow so it is hard to predict where things are going to happen. This one seemed a little better to predict. The light was amazing as well. This is a weird year for me. For the first time in almost a decade I am not ramping up for the college football season. I have one college game on the schedule at this point. I am glad that I shook some of the rust off last night, but before that game I want to get some more football reps in. If you have a team or a player that you need photos of let me know. I am always willing to get out and make sports photos. I still think that I have something to do in sports photography. Last night was so much fun that I know that I will end up at more football games as this season goes on.

More Photos From The Scrimmage

Here are a few more photos from the scrimmage. It was a small gallery, but actually bigger than I intended it to be. I was trying for ten images for Instagram with it being fairly equal between the teams. I ended up with about forty images. This year when I do end up at an event just for fun I really want to have a less is more philosophy. When I put together my favorite images from the year the images that end up on there are always pretty obvious. I would love to get to a point where I am only posting those images. Here are some of my favorites from last night.

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