Owl Let You In On A Secret

The Owl Spot At The Celery Bog

For a couple of years now the hole off the trail with Ruby in it was the worst kept secret at the Celery Bog. People would drive from all over to see the owl that came out to bathe in the late afternoon light. Last spring and now this spring a grey owl has been in the hole. I have been hoping to see little screech owlets at some point, but who knows if that will happen. Those would be amazing photos, and a new batch of owls for others to see somewhere else eventually.

Trying Something New

I used the power of my gear to try a new photo at the bog. With a shorter lens I would never go directly in front of the owl, but with longer glass I found a hole to make a photo from pretty far back. It gave me something different of a hole that I have photographed many times.

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