Photographing College Basketball: Purdue vs. Iowa

A Crazy Night

When I left my house I thought that I might be making photos on the Iowa side of the court. That did not work out, but I am glad that it was even an option because it got me down to campus. I was able to see the end of the great volleyball match, and then the first half of the basketball game. I am glad that I finally made it back down to Mackey. It had been almost a month, and with a team this good that is way too long.

Honoring The Cliz

This game was all about honoring Larry Clisby. They gave out a bobblehead of him at the gates, and they unveiled a banner for him during the first half. Cliz was the voice of Purdue basketball. During his presentation I saw a photo of him that I made show up on the jumbotron. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized that the same photo was on the box that was given to everyone. Seeing that photo again brought me back to that day watching him give the interview and thinking about how good he looked. His voice was Purdue basketball. Many road trips had Cliz in the car with me. It is great to think about the fact that his bullseye will forever be hanging above us in Mackey.

Pregame Fun

Sometimes a photo just finds you. I was just watching pregame when Ethan Morton came over near me to do a dribbling drill. The frame was right so I made a couple of photos. I have seen Ethan for years because of the great photography of Steph Chambers. It was great to finally make a photo of him that I liked.

The Fun Of The Game

Man Trevion Williams is fun to photograph. He just has fun playing the game, and that makes for great photos. After getting fouled on a make he turned our way and gave a flex. I haven’t been to games in a while, but I was also digging that headband.

Celebrating A First

By the time this post goes live Purdue should be the number one team in the country. Let me say that again. Purdue will be the number one team in the country. In case you missed it earlier I will say it again. Purdue will be the number one team in the country. What a time to be a Boilermaker. The basketball team has never been ranked number one, but there is a first time for everything. I love that people are finally figuring out what we have known for a while now. This is a really good Purdue team.

What A Time To Be A Boilermaker

When you stop and think about it I can’t think of a time when Purdue has been this good across the board. If you stop and think about it things are good all over. Volleyball just won and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen at home. Football just won back the bucket and their eighth win of the season. Soccer had a great season including a home NCAA Tournament win. The women’s basketball team is nearly ranked, and just had a big win at home. Wrestling is ranked and rolling. Enjoy it Boilermakers. Get out and support your teams.

Making The Big Man Bigger

I love these low angle views of Zach Edey. Getting his head nearly to the roof of Mackey just shows how big this man is. As this season goes on I will keep trying this angle waiting for the perfect moment with Zach.

More Photos From The Game

As I said above I only stayed for the first half of the game. I still made some photos that I liked so I put them into a gallery the day after the game. You can find those photos here.

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