Top 10 Football Photos Of 2020

My Ten Favorite Football Photos From 2020

This was an interesting year for football for me. At first I thought that I would not be photographing any games. Then I was lucky enough to get a high school game in. From there I was able to photograph three Purdue games from the stands. It was not the year that I thought it would be, but in 2020 you take what you can get. Here are my ten favorite images from this past year.

10. This is one of those unexpected moments that is always fun to capture. The helmet flying off and the player still making the tackle. The hair flying free of gravity just adds to the photo here. When a helmet comes off I always make sure the player is okay and then you check to make sure that you made the photo.

9. During the last home game of the year for Purdue I had the doubler on my 600mm lens for a lot of the game. It really let me get closer to the action. For some reason this photo has stuck with me as one where I could get right in there as the quarterback made the throw.

8. My first football game of the year was a Harrison high school game. I was super rusty after not making images for a few months so I was stoked to keep the action in my viewfinder here. Normally that is not an issue, but it is always good to know that you can still do what you love.

7. I was having some fun panning from my vantage point in the stands. Sometimes the action will not be coming from the right angle so you just do something that could look cool. This was my favorite from those moments.

6. One cool thing about 2020 was seeing Rondale Moore on the football field again. If I was on the field you would see the bodies of those that tried to tackle him in the distance behind him. From the stands you get a nice clean photo of Rondale.

5. I had not photographed a regular season game at Harrison since 2011. I could see how cool this runout would be so I made sure that I was in a position to make this image. I am glad that I did. I had a keeper right away, and being the first game of the year that is a great thing.

4. David Bell does amazing things on the football field. Here he makes an amazing attempt on the ball. We get at least another season with Bell and I hope that I can photograph him from the field level again.

3. One thing that photos from the stands lack is impact. Here though for some reason things worked out so I had a really cool photo of Zander Horvath diving for the goal line.

2. This might be the most 2020 photo on the countdown. I really wanted a photo of the action through the cutouts, but that was not a place that I could be. This photo at sunset shows the mostly empty stands, the cutouts, the new video board, and the action on the field. It also appeared as a double truck in the new forge magazine which is always cool.

  1. When I knew that I would be photographing Rondale Moore again I wanted a photo of him doing something cool. Here he is just being Rondale. He seems to be able to just run around everyone. This just seems like the most Rondale photo that I could make from the stands.

There are my ten favorite photos from this football season. I could be mad that I only was able to photograph four games, but it was four more than I could have done as well. This year especially I have learned to embrace what you have been given. This is the start of the countdown season on the blog. I will still post an original photo every day as I have for nearly ten years, but I will also make a post with some of my favorite images from 2020.

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