Hawks To Bookend The Year

Ending The Year As It Started

When 2020 started I thought that it was going to be my lucky year. I had a great hawk sighting to start things off in my backyard. Of course March came and we all know what happened then. When I saw this hawk about a week ago I knew that it would be a great way to send this blog off for the year. I love it when I can bookend things.

The Stare Of The Hawk

This Cooper’s Hawk was just hanging out on the fence in my backyard. I have been in the basement lately a lot with my little one as we do e-learning. On the first day that she was done I was upstairs a lot more, and I noticed this guy staring at me. I scrambled to find gear to make a photo of the hawk. I thought I might have one attempt to make a picture, but this hawk was cool with me. After a couple of days I realized that it was way cool with my dog. Max would pass within ten feet of him and they would just stare at each other. They were both trying to do the same thing after all I guess. Maybe the hawk could teach Max how to actually catch a bird.

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