Peeking In On The New Year

A Northern Cardinal Takes A Peek

I really had big plans for this morning. I was going to take a walk at the Celery Bog at sunrise to see what I could see. Freezing rain made me rethink that plan though. I decided to stay at home and not dodge the raindrops. The growth around my feeders had a nice little layer of ice on it so I just needed some birds to land on it. With the gray sky I really needed the birds to be down low for a good photo. This cardinal landed in a nice portion of the growth, but its head was obscured. I was talking to the bird and asking him to look through the brush. He did! Maybe the birds will listen to me in 2021.

Starting The Year Off

This is always an exciting time of year. My yearly folders start to get going. Usually I have them all built out by now, but this year I will take things as they come. If you click through to the photo on my SmugMug site you will see that this is the only photo of 2021 so far. Hopefully that changes soon.

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