31 Ballparks Of May: #30 Schreiber Field

Baseball At Beautiful Schreiber Field

As a kid growing up in LaPorte, Indiana you knew a few things. One of them was that Coach Schreiber had the Slicers ready to play that season. This park was historically one of the best in the country as far as high schools went. I remember reading about it in the USA Today back when we read newspapers. Five years ago I stopped by the park again to check it out. At that point it had been 21 years since I last set foot in the stadium. It was the spring of my senior year, and they were giving out some sort of an award during the game. It was kind of crazy to be back home and so near my high school. Those days seem so far away that they almost feel like someone else’s life now. I really should come back here and cover a game sometime.

The Scoreboard

Even back when I was in middle school they had some sort of an electronic scoreboard. It was smaller, and it just showed the runs, hits, and errors. In center field was the old hand operated scoreboard. Somehow my friend Ryan was the kid who put the numbers up, and he would let me tag along. As a young kid that was a huge deal. Everything ends up going bigger and badder when it comes to scoreboards, but that old manual scoreboard was a fun thing to be a part of. It is too bad that kids today can’t do that. Although I am sure that there were many things that would not let that happen now.

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