Working An Alexander Field Photo

Finally Making The Photo

This was the fourth day in a row that I have tried to make this photo in some way. The conditions would fall apart at just the wrong time at sunset though. The sunrises were getting washed out too. After chasing some rainbows Thursday night I was ready to head home, but I saw this sky above would be perfect. I started my chase at the baseball field, and I drove back out there to make this photo. I was glad to finally make it.

Working The Photo

Years ago I heard the great photographer Joel Sartore talk about working the photo. It is a concept that has stuck with me ever since. You can take the first photo that you think of on the scene or you can work the photo to make something. This was working the photo on multiple levels and days. I love this view, but there is so much in the way to make a busy photo. By using the grassy hill in the foreground though I eliminated all of those distractions. I worked the scene to come up with this angle. By working the scene for a few days I was finally able to make the photo that was in my head.

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