Photographing College Basketball: Texas At Purdue

Texas Comes To Purdue

Saturday night I was photographing in Mackey Arena for Texas. This is the middle game of three straight games for opponents. Next week I will be back on the Purdue side of the ball as they take on Chicago State. Photographing for the opponents is a weird thing. You want them to have some success so that you photos are better. At one point though with a couple of minutes left in the second half I thought to myself “That is enough success for tonight”. With no locker room access I knew that I would have no good celebration photos so Purdue might as well win the game. Of course that is not the way that it turned out.

Keep It Low

I have used the camera on the ground technique for a few years now. With the articulating screen on my Sony I can now do it with a little more precision than in years past. Having the camera on the ground helps you make more dynamic images. It is amazing just what a few inches can do to make the players look bigger and more athletic.

Anthem Photos

Anthem photos to me are weird. You can only do so much during this time before you start repeating yourself. This is a photo that I have made many times, but I really liked how this one turned out. Once again the articulating screen on my camera really helped me frame up the photo.

The Week In Photos

Last week was filled with basketball. I photographed four basketball games last week. That is a good way to start the season. I did find a way to sneak a couple of bird photos into the gallery, but only a couple. With a new wildlife lens to test out I am sure that a few bird photos will find their way onto the blog next week. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.

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