Photographing College Basketball: Milwaukee at Purdue

Photographing College Basketball For Milwaukee

Sunday was the last of three straight games that I would photograph for the opponent in Mackey Arena. Basketball is just like all of the other college sports that I cover in that I get most of my work from other teams early in the season. I have to take advantage of that for when the lean times hit in January and February.

Fun In Mackey

It is funny that I used to drive two hours each way to watch games in Mackey. To think that I live so close to Mackey now and I get paid to go to the games is really cool. I don’t step onto that court without thinking about that. It is so cool to get to do what I love.

A Black And White Day

After I had delivered my images to the team I put some images together to make my #4faves and my Instagram post the next day. After I had exported all of the images I had nine color and the photo above in black and white. I realized that I loved how it looked so I immediately made all of the images into black and white. I have a go to black and white preset called ‘The Triple Lindy’ that I used for all of these. I love the way that it made the images look.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun week filled with a lot of basketball. This week is more up in the air due to weather. I have one basketball game for sure, and a couple of events that are weather dependent. You can relive my last week in photos by clicking here.

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