Flying Back In

The Hummingbirds Are Back

For most of this summer I have not had my hummingbird feeders out. We have been traveling so much that I did not feel like I had the time to take care of them. Now that school is starting we will be here for a while so the feeders went back out. It wasn’t long before a couple of hummingbirds found them. Actually they had been coming to the back window almost asking for the feeders to come back out. When I went outside they would fly around me as if to ask why the feeders were not there. Now that they are up the birds have left me alone.

Getting Ready For The Fall Sports Season

There are not many things that I photograph that are harder to follow than the quick movements of the hummingbird. Finding and following this little bird makes following a 200 pound running back seem simple. I love these little practice sessions, and I hope that they translate to better photos this fall.

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