One Last Fountain Run

Getting On Campus One Last Time Before The Students Arrive

Yesterday we spent part of the day on campus getting some of the sights in before the students come back. It is never a terrible thing when the students come back to town, but it is nice to have campus more to yourself. Our first stop was Loeb Fountain. This is a picture that I have made before, but I wanted to try a shot with the new gear. My Sony A9 will not be my landscape camera ever most likely. Right now I have the Canon 5D4 still, and that does a good job. In September my A7R4 shows up, and I can’t wait to see what I can do with all 60 of those megapixels. For this trip though I was playing with the A9 still getting used to the button setup on the Sony line. The good news is that it looks like they won’t change it up on every model like Canon likes to.

Color Or Black And White?

One fun thing to do with these long exposure shots is to see how they look the best. The 10 stop neutral density filter makes the color off just a bit. You can fine tune it so that it looks good though. Another easy fix is to make the photo black and white. Here I think that they both look good. I do like the color a bit more. What do you think?

The Sony Switch

It has now been about two weeks of use with this A9. I do not regret buying the camera at all. In fact I want as much Sony gear as I can get my hands to use. One interesting thing about putting the fact that I was switching on social media was the backlash that I saw. Some people were very upset with my switching gear. I really cannot figure that out. We all have to make images with the gear that we feel comfortable with. I really like how the Sony has been working for me. I have had DM’s calling me names for switching. People asking me who do I think I am for switching? If the pros are using it why isn’t it good enough for me? I usually answer with what I said above. Sony is right for me right now. I am one of the most loyal customers that you will find. To get me to do all of the extra work that switching systems is I really had to be motivated to do so. Having the best gear with the features that I have wanted for a while now made me switch. Too be honest I considered switching a landscape camera over to Sony years ago. I liked the way that they were headed. When they jumped into the sports market, and I saw for myself that it could work the decision was made. This isn’t about you or the brand that you use. That is what is right for you. Right now Sony seems to be doing things that are right for me.

Pros/Cons After Two Weeks With The Sony A9


  • Focusing system is amazing
  • Love no blackout in the viewfinder
  • Silent shutter
  • Works amazing using Metabones adapter even with my 20+ year old Canon lenses
  • Lots of custom buttons to customize camera with
  • Battery life far better than I expected
  • No sign of rolling shutter
  • Love the level in the view finder
  • EVF review and tag a game changer. Don’t have to pull my head off of the camera


  • Silent shutter and fast shutter speeds mean more images much easier to make
  • Exposure comp dial easily bumped and changed. (fixed in A7R4)
  • Huge menu system hard to learn and use
  • No quick way to make HDR images using bracketing
  • Can be slow to wake up
  • Weather seal not the best
  • I need more Sony gear!

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