Creighton vs. Xavier (Big East Tournament Game Six)

Creighton Wins A Thriller To Claim The Big East Tournament Title

With impending weather on Sunday the first of a possible two Championship games was moved to Saturday night. If Creighton won then they were the Big East Champions. If Xavier won then they would force a deciding game seven. In the end Creighton won a back and forth game to claim the Big East crown. The beauty of being the tournament photographer is that I get to make the jube pictures no matter what. These are the photos that I love to make. Happy faces in a moment that they will never forget. This is my second year photographing this tournament. I will have at least three more to photograph in the coming years as Prasco Park will host at least until 2022. I always have so much fun out there that I am already thinking about how much fun I will have next year. There is nothing like tournament baseball, and as a freelancer it feels good to have a few future tournaments already in the books for the upcoming years.

Working In The Ice Cream

Last year I probably talked way too much about the free ice cream at Prasco Park. This year the ice cream was still free, but I did not take in nearly as much. I did work the truck into a few photos each day though. I loved the background to break up the photo gallery a bit. It just gives the photo a little different feel. I know a lot of photographers strive to have completely clean backgrounds. If you are shooting for the wire that is probably the way to go. When I am shooting for a team or conference though I want to have signage and other things for a sense of place in my backgrounds. I intentionally clutter my backgrounds at times to put in elements of the stadium that the game was played at. Of course one of the big elements of the tournament was the free ice cream.

The $8 Prop

Before this game could start it went into a rain delay. After getting all of my work from game five of the tournament done I realized that I could be out making photos. I went to the souvenir stand and bought the commemorative baseball. I used it as a prop in several photos just to give the championship game some good pregame photos. Of course the ball will end up in my baseball collection when it is all said and done.

The Week In Photos

Here is a link to my favorite photos from last week.

When The Situation Changes

I moved over to the visitor dugout for the top of the ninth to get the possible championship celebration. Then the inning started, and Xavier showed that they were not done yet. As they were trying to make their comeback I made this photo from the end of the dugout. It is one of my favorite images from the tournament. Of course now we know the comeback fell short so this image will not get the attention that it could have. It is still a great moment from a great tournament.

Making The Dogpile Photo

One of the biggest things that I stress in the final minutes is making the dog pile photo. You can have the perfect plan, but the circumstances change suddenly and you are out of position. That is what happened here. I was tucked into a little nook just past the visitor dugout with my 70-200mm lens to get the reaction of the players as they won. The play came to first, and it looked like that is where the dog pile would end up. The players kept moving all over the place until they eventually piled up near third base. It was a few tense moments of following the team and trying to get the right background until the moment finally happened. At the time I thought that I might have failed on the photos. When I got back into the media room I realized that I had the photo that I needed. I really love how this turned out. I want to make one more like this one at the end of this weekend.

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