Top 19 Photos From The 2019 Purdue Baseball Season

My 19 Favorite Images From The 2019 Purdue Baseball Season

This was a fun year when I was able to get back out to Alexander Field much more than I had in the past few years. In the short time that the stadium has been there at one time I had photographed many more games there than anyone else. Over the course of the last couple of seasons though other work kept getting in the way of me getting out there. It was great to see Purdue play on a regular basis again. The college baseball season is so short here in the north that I didn’t get to see them play for long. I still saw quite a few games though. Here are my nineteen favorite images from this past season.

19. We can start the countdown with this photo of Alexander Field. I loved the sky and the golden hour light. I thought that it was a great way to break up the gallery with a photo of the stadium. Early in the baseball season I would run out to my car later in the game in between innings to get a couple of more layers on. During these runs I often made more photos of the stadium from the outside. This was my favorite of those.

18. Early in the home season Owen Jansen took a pitch right to the mouth. He lost a couple of teeth, but stayed in the game to take his base. I was way out of position when that happened, but I did like this photo that I made of him getting ready to bat again later in the game. It was a super tough showing by the sophomore.

17. I will often sit behind the plate at a certain angle hoping that the runner slides into home plate. Of course those are always the walk throughs during scores. I sit there to capture a moment like this. It is still a good moment from my position on the concourse, but this would have been much higher had I been closer to the action.

16. Before the season started we went to the fan day as a family. Catcher Bryce Bonner was great with my youngest as she took some swings off the tee. A couple of pointers had her smacking the ball. Here he is heading to first after giving the ball a ride himself.

15. During the late day games there is a window where the batters are in shadow and the players are all in the great light. That gives you the opportunity to play around a bit and get some images that look different. Here was an image that I liked from those times of experimentation.

14. On dog day you always want to find a dog wearing Purdue gear that is doing something interesting. This was one of the first dog images that I made on the day. It seemed like everything came together here. The dog knew one of the players so he was watching the action during warm ups very intently. He probably wanted to get out there and chase a few balls himself. His attention to the action on the field allowed me to compose the photo that I wanted to make.

13. Using the 600mm lens at baseball this year allowed me to get right into the action. Here shooting across the diamond as the ball pops into Zac Fascia’s mitt.

12. This is the first of a couple of sunset shots from Alexander this season. Here Zac Fascia drives in a run during the good light. I love sunsets, and I love baseball. When they collide it is the best of both worlds for me.

11. In the past I have had a lot of luck seeing walk offs at Alexander Field. I saw one early in the season this year, but not another one. This is a gritty team so I fully expect to see a few next year. I had to wait a long time that day to make this image so you know that it would be on the countdown.

10. These two have a heck of a pregame routine. Another image of their routine will show up later on the countdown. Here Tyler Powers applies some eye black to Milo Beam. Both of these young men played for the local summer ball team last year as well as the Purdue squad.

9. During my first ever ‘real feel’ delay I made this image of Alexander Field. The sky looked like a great day to play baseball, but the temperatures were too low to do so. With a great sky why not make some images?

8. Since the first game at Alexander in 2013 I have been trying to fit the scoreboard into my images. Here I liked this composition as the pitch was being ready to be thrown.

7. I was actually shooting for the opponent when I made this image. Zac Fascia had just hit a home run, and I loved the way his team greeted him at the plate. I don’t know what it was all about, but I knew that it made for a good photo.

6. When the light was just right with the golden hour beams on the pitcher with a shady background I decided to break out the multi-exposure feature on my camera. It is a cool way to show the motion of a pitcher. Here Trent Johnson has a near perfect motion for the multi-exposure feature.

5. I tried to get a few different images during pregame for the photo galleries. These images would break it up a little bit, and show the fans something that they don’t get to see. Here Milo Beam runs out to his position in the outfield with the main stands as the background.

4. I will admit that I worked on this photo for way too long. Tyler Powers was blowing bubbles in great light at third base. I moved over to a spot to try and make a good photo of the moment. Of course he kept turning the other way every time that he blew a bubble. I had a thought in between innings of telling him what I was doing so that he could help me out, and I could get back to photographing the game. I worried that would hurt the editorial nature of my photos though so I did not. As luck would have it he did turn towards me a couple of innings later.

3. Before a televised game I saw the grounds crew painting the motion P on the pitchers mound. I have seen this type of image used in the past by other photographers including myself earlier in the season. I decided to use the pitchers warm up to make this different image for me at Alexander Field.

2. Here is another image of Milo Beam and Tyler Powers prior to the game. I had no idea what was going on, but I heard them going through a bunch of things to try. As they started actually doing them I realized what was happening and dropped to a knee quickly. It was a fun pregame photo that really is unlike any other that I made this season.

  1. During my last game of the season at Alexander Field I was treated to this great sunset. I was a great way to cap a great season being back at Alexander Field. I never was able to see a great sunset sky of pink and purple during the season. During most games the clouds cleared out just before the sun went down. This is a consolation prize that is still pretty awesome though.

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