Xavier vs. St. John’s (Big East Tournament Game Five)

Xavier And St. John’s Battle To Stay Alive In The Big East Tournament

Saturday morning was an elimination game to see who would take on Creighton for the Big East title. St. John’s had won the title the year before, and Xavier had won the previous two before St. John’s. Before they could play for the title though they had to take each other on. Xavier won the game pretty easily, but St. John’s had used a lot of pitching the night before in that thirty run ballgame. Both teams battled all game, but Xavier ended up moving on to the title game later that night.

Rewarding The Effort

Before the game I watched the grounds crew taking the extra time to put the NCAA logo on the field in a couple of spots. One of those spots was behind home plate. I could easily make that photo. Another of the spots was behind the pitchers mound. That one I could do pregame as well, but I thought that I would wait until the Xavier pitcher was warming up just before the game started. I would already be out on the field so why not make the image? I never want to interfere with the game in any way, but at this moment it is a pretty safe bet to make a photo.

It’s All In The Details

One thing that I like to do to break up a photo gallery is to include detail shots. In a sport like baseball those can be hard to get in game. When the athlete happens to be close to you though you can make a few shots. Here I focused on the stirrups and the feet to make a different photo. My oldest loves to play in the dirt with her cleats during her softball games. A photo very similar to this one was one of both of our favorites from last season. When the team takes the time to wear cool socks you have to find a way to get them into the gallery. Being my fifth game of the tournament I was dying for something different anyway.

The Home Run Swing

When I photograph a batter I often don’t want the bat on the ball shot. The player does not always look the best at that moment. Usually the best look is just after contact. Here though as the home run was hit I did hit the bat on ball shot. I was photographing with my 5D Mark IV so I was really working on timing. I got lucky here to get the moment. I still like the second pose better here.

Eye On The Prize

During the ballgame I tried to make a couple of portraits of both of the coaches. Xavier head coach Billy O’Conner was in the perfect position to make a photo. With the NCAA logo on the on deck circle, and the Big East logo on his other side his glasses were full of logos for me to use. I had thoughts about this being a part of the NCAA tournament announcement, but that was not to be.

The Week In Photos

You can view my favorite photos from last week here.

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