My Backyard Birds: The Baltimore Oriole

The Baltimore Oriole Makes A Visit To My Backyard

I have not done one of these posts in quite a while. I have not been making photos of the birds in my backyard lately. I have been concentrating on the large variety of birds at the Celery Bog. This past week I decided to put out and orange to see if I could get an oriole to visit. It worked! I tried it again, but I was gone when the orioles ate the orange. I put some grape jelly in the shell to see if they would come back. That worked as well. In fact there was a battle for the oranges between a couple of orioles. With the battle comes distraction, and that allowed me to open the back door to get a clean photo. Once I started firing off the camera the orioles looked at me, but they did not seem to care. This is my kind of subject.

On The Subject Of Orioles

Ever since 1983 I have not been too fond of Orioles. They beat my White Sox in the playoffs, and ruined what I thought was a great chance for that team to win the World Series. Over time that pain has gone away, but I still let these orioles know that I was a White Sox fan. The male bird is the same colors as my high school was though so I will let it all slide I guess. It is nice to have a fresh face in the backyard.

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