Walking And Learning

Learning About Birds At The Celery Bog

As I started my morning walk at the Celery Bog on Friday I ran into Dan Miller. If you don’t know Dan and you bird around here you should. He literally wrote the book on the Celery Bog. You can find season one of his stories here. When you have written several books about a place you probably know it very well. Dan for some reason let me tag along with him as he walked around the bog. Almost right off the bat we spotted this Red-breasted Nuthatch that posed nicely for us. There was even a great background that would turn into a creamy green space. It was a great way for me to start a walk.

A Great End To A Walk

As I turned up to walk towards my car Dan came with, and in a patch of woods that normally does not have any birds he spotted this Summer Tanager. We made some photos that I would have been happy with, but the bird kept posing for us. I spotted another one a few trees behind it, and we had a good time photographing it. It was a bird that I had never seen before so it was a good way to end the walk. This is a great time of the year when there are so many birds coming through. For someone like me who has no idea what they are doing it is also a good time to see new birds that you didn’t even know existed.

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