A Soggy Walk Through The Celery Bog

Taking A Walk Saturday Morning

With all kinds of colorful birds making a short stay in town I went out Saturday morning for a little walk through the Celery Bog. When I started it was raining pretty good, but I didn’t have much time so I suited up and went out. For people who know what they are doing they can probably find birds very easily. I rely quite a bit on luck so I need to spend time out there to let the luck happen. One such lucky moment is shown above. I had found the two female summer tanagers again, but no sign of the males. I stopped to check my phone and saw a couple flashes of red. At  first I thought that it was two male summer tanagers. I followed one of them for a bit until I had a picture that I was happy with. What I didn’t realize until later was that the second one was actually a scarlet tanager. I wish that I had spent time looking for it in the field, but as I write this I can say that I have seen it again a couple of days later. It is still out there waiting to be photographed.

Taking Things As They Come

One thing that I have been doing out there because I feel that I have so much to photograph in a short time is to press. I am trying way too hard. I find that I make much better photos when I just take what comes to me. This moment above of the female tanager was a moment that just happened. I could have pressed to find this bird, but I just lucked out in finding it. For the rest of this season I just need to get my walk in, and photograph what comes to me.

The Week In Photos

Last week was basically split between birds and baseball. I was not photographing the Cardinals vs. the Orioles. I was actually photographing cardinals and orioles. Once the weekend hit I was photographing the Purdue baseball team. Both of those factor in heavily in my week in photos which you can see here.

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