Indiana State Baseball At Purdue

Indiana State Comes To Purdue

This is the first year in a couple of years that I have not been covering the Indiana State baseball team regularly. They are having a great season so it was great that they came to West Lafayette where I could see them play. I really think that they are in the middle of a special season that could see them advance well into June.

Slowing Things Down A Bit

Late in the game when the light was gone I decided to play around a bit with Sycamore pitcher Tyler Ward. I have many pictures of Tyler over the years so when I made my safe photos I adjusted my shutter speed to 1/50th of a second to introduce some motion into my photo. Some motions work better than others for this, but here I was able to make a photo that I liked.

Super Tight

For most of the game the only lens that I used was my 600mm. I had the 400mm in the car to switch to when the light was gone, but I was having too much fun getting in tight to switch. Had the game gone extra innings I would have run out to switch. It did not though so I never was able to make the switch. I need to shoot more baseball with the 600 this year. I love getting in tighter to the action. I can miss some shots with it, but I love the action when I do hit with it.

An Inspiring Talk

Wednesday morning I was happy to sit in on a talk with New York Times photographer Doug Mills. I have admired Dougs work for quite some time, and it was an honor to get to talk to him. Sometimes you worry about meeting people that you admire because they don’t live up to the hype. Doug gave a great presentation, and then was very generous with his time answering our questions.

A Great Play

Early in the game it looked like Purdue would take the lead on a SAC fly. A great throw and tag kept the Boilers off the board. After the play was over I realized that I had a good series of the play. You can see it above. I love it when I capture the ball just as it hits the mitt, and here it all worked out to tell the story of the play.

2 Replies to “Indiana State Baseball At Purdue”

  1. Great photos! You are very talented. As an ISU fan, I really appreciate your ISU photos. The photo set of the outfield catch & throw to home to make the double play is very impressive. I was at the game & thought that was the play of the game. I wish you were around to have taken photos back when I played for ISU.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    Thank you.

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