The Spring Birds Begin Arriving At The Celery Bog

Spring Has Arrived?

Every time that I think that spring is almost here we get another snow. Seeing a warbler at the Bog though gives me hope that spring weather is nearly here. Today I saw many sparrows flying all over. Normally there are a few that I see in one particular spot. Today I saw a few all over. Of course I also had my first bug fly into my ear today as well so with warmer temps comes the bugs as well. I could do without that. That is my favorite part about winter.

The Yellow Bellied-Sapsucker

You can’t make that name up. Actually somebody did. I have to think that it was Yosemite Sam. That is the only voice that I imagine when I hear the name. This is the first time that I was actually able to make a photo of one of these. That is good because if there is one thing that this blog needs more of it is yellow bellied sapsuckers.

More Photos From My Walk

Here are a few photos from my walk. I didn’t come away with any great shots, but I did come away with some shots that I liked. The light was not always in my favor, but you can’t really pick where the wildlife ends up.

The Fireman

As I walking around the bog I heard sirens that sounded like they were in the parking lot, but as far as you walk around you are never sure where the sound could be coming from. I spent about four hours walking around the bog, and when I came out of the woods I saw smoke coming from where my car was parked. As I got closer I saw fire all around it. Luckily I was not too close to the flames as they lit the grasses all around where I was parked. It would be nice if they told people about this as my windows were down, and my car now smells like I had a campfire in it. I was leaving when I had an idea. I wanted to get a shot of one of the firemen with the fire behind them. I was thinking of ways to use perspective to get there as the fire was not very big. Then it hit a taller section of grass and went higher. Now I just needed someone to walk in front of it which this gentleman did. It was not the photo I went out there to make, but it is a pretty cool photo.

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