Sunrise at Busch Stadium

The Morning Sun Lights Up Busch Stadium in St. Louis

Last March I spent a great few days in St. Louis with a great view of Busch Stadium from my hotel room. There are some benefits to doing a little research before a trip. With the construction on the arch side I was glad that the hotel put me on this side of the building. I had some fun photographing the stadium as the light hit it from different directions. As the morning sun came up I loved how it seemed to hit just certain portions of the stadium. This was probably my favorite photo of all of the photos I made of the stadium. I made one with my GoPro that I previously posted here. That was my favorite sunset shot, and this is my favorite sunrise shot.

Another Adventure With Indiana State

I made the photo above while in St. Louis photographing the Indiana State basketball team. This weekend I will be traveling with Indiana State again as they take on Minnesota in football. I have a fun weekend with a big plan in mind so expect some football photos to finally grace this blog again. It will be a whirlwind two days, but the photos from it should be well worth the time.