The Sun Sets Over Busch Stadium

A Great View of Busch Stadium

While I was in St. Louis to photograph the MVC Tournament I stayed in the Hilton at the Ballpark. When I booked the hotel I asked to have the monument view. That would have been a great view most of the time because of the courthouse and the St. Louis Arch that would have been right below it. When I walked into my room I was surprised to see Busch Stadium below it. After I found out about all of the construction going on around the arch I was thrilled that they screwed up to give me this view. The first thing that I did when I got to my room was to set up my GoPro. I wanted to see what happened over the stadium as the sun set. I would be leaving soon for the stadium so this was my only chance to make a picture of it. This was one of my favorite frames from that time lapse. You can see that video below.

Make the Photo With Any Camera That You Have

The photo above was made with a 12mp GoPro camera. I really get caught up at times in shooting in RAW format with my larger megapixel cameras. I want all of the data that I can get to make an image. Sometimes though you can get the shot that you need with any camera. The GoPro did a great job of capturing the scene here. Sometimes that you have to make the photo with the camera that you have with you. I needed my other cameras at the arena so the GoPro was my option here.

Photos of the Week

As I said yesterday I did not think that I would have much to use in my photos of the week post last week. I had just come off of a great week of shooting, and I did not think that I would be able to top that. Of course with travel and sports photos being my favorite to make traveling to St. Louis and photographing basketball was pretty cool. With tournament season now here my travel may increase for a couple of weeks. This compilation of my favorite photos every week gives me something to shoot for in the downtimes. It has become a great thing for me to keep my eyes open with, and is fun to put together. Here is my Exposure post from last week with my favorite photos in it.



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