The Milky Way Over Pewaukee Lake

Spending Some Time Under the Stars on Pewaukee Lake

Last Friday night I spent some time under the stars at my brother in laws house making some images of the stars. Where I live in West Lafayette the light pollution is terrible. Here out on the lake the stars really seemed to pop. One of these days I will make my way back out to Colorado where you have miles and miles in between you and the nearest big town. There you can really see the stars and make some interesting photos. I liked how the Milky Way was coming up out of the boathouse here in this photo. I tried some different kinds of light on the house with my flashlight, but in the end this little kiss of light seemed to work best. Just enough light to reveal what it is seemed to work. The star of the photo here is the sky after all, and not the boathouse. Two days ago I posted another photo from a spot very near this one. I did not spend much time out near the lake, but I did make a couple of images that I liked down there.

The Week In Photos

The photo above is one of a few photos that made my weekly Exposure page with my favorite photos of the week in it. You can find that post here. Last week I did not make many images for the post except for my weekend shots. This coming week will have a few sports in it as well as a few travel shots. It should be a fun week to put the post together.

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