Dry Fountains

When The Fountains Go Dry

This year the virus came before the fountains were turned out at Purdue. With everything going on that is probably the least of the worries of the school right now. It is still sad to walk by and see them not running. Part of the fun of summer break is taking a day and heading to campus to run through the fountains. This year I may just have to get a super soaker and spray the kids down as they run to keep the tradition going.

Campus Today

Campus has been very crazy since the virus shut it down. It can have few people walking around in the summer, but to have a campus nearly to myself on these walks since March has been crazy. Normally when I make photos on campus I am trying to wait out students or running a long enough exposure to make the disappear. Lately though I have been looking for a student to walk through a frame. All of the photos just make it look like a ghost town. I look forward to the day when the students come back, and we can start getting back to normal again.

The Week In Photos

This has been a fun challenge since March coming up with photos each week to put in my week in photos post. When sports are around I can get lazy some days and not make photos. One event can pretty much fill up the gallery if I choose. Now I almost feel like I am back on my photo 365 quest that started this blog. You can see this week’s edition of the week in photos here.

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