Time To Make the Donuts

Eating a Tasty Pharaoh’s Donut in St. Louis, Missouri

Earlier this month while I was in St. Louis I went out to find something local for breakfast. As I turned a corner I smelled something delightful. I looked at the sign on the building and saw that it was a donut shop. As I walked in I saw this man getting ready to make a few glazed donuts. I made my order, and I came back over to this table to watch him do his thing. I asked if I could make a couple of photos and he said yes. Sometimes these little photos from the trip are the ones that you remember the most. It will be hard to forget those donuts though as they were amazing. They were nice and warm, and they didn’t last very long.

Ask And Make a Memory

When I first started really getting into photography I saw a lot of scenes like this one, but I was not sure if I should make a photo. I do not like my photo being taken so I think that I just assume everyone else feels the same way. I have found though that many people do not mind the camera, and they make great subjects. Sometimes that quick encounter can be the one that you will hang on to. I really only photographed him for a few seconds. I waited until he did something that would look good and camera, and then fired off a few shots. For some reason this one has stuck with me. I love behind the scenes photos though, and what better thing to get behind the scenes of then the making of donuts?

Photos of the Week

Here is the part where I plug my photos of the week. For the past few weeks I have posted some of my favorite photos from the past week on Exposure. You can find the post for this week here. As luck would have it I have found myself in some great situations to make some great photos during that time. This week was no different. There is nothing like tournament hockey to help make some great photos.


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