Which Way is the Statue?

Looking Back Through Your Work

This is a photo that I have liked for a while now, but something was always missing. I always thought that it had a feel of an older photograph. Everything just has that well worn feel to it. It was not until I took the jpeg (I did not shoot RAW until 2012 can you believe it?) into Lightroom yesterday though until I really liked this photo. I really made a more inky black and white image out of this turning it into one that I really like. The Statue of Liberty in the background with the man on the sailboat pointing really makes this image for me. This is far from the best technical photo that I made on the trip, but it is one that just has a look that I like to it. With my camera in full automatic mode it made an exposure of 1/25th of a second at f/36. I can say that f/36 was not the best here as it took about ten minutes to clean up all of the dust everywhere on this photo. It is that 1/25th of a second from a moving boat though that makes this shot for me. That subtle motion blur gives it that old time feel that I like. I have been back and forth about posting this image in various forms for a while now. It finally has made the blog though nearly eight years after I made the picture.

Different Views of Well Known Monuments

Back when I made this photo in 2008 I was onto something that I would not fully realize until quite a few years later. I wanted the up close photo of the Statue of Liberty that I have seen hundreds of times. Back then I was more concerned about collecting photos I think than making them. I would see a photo, and decide that I wanted to take one just like it. As time has gone by I still make the more common image of landmarks. When you visit someplace that is what the family and friends expect to see when you get back. Shots like this one though of a different view of the landmark I think end up being my favorites over time.

The Week In Photos

Once again it is Monday morning, and I invite you to take a look back at the past week with me. I have created another Exposure page with my favorite photos from the past week that you can find here. This is one of my favorite parts of the week as I look back at the past week. I have been on a roll with some great events every since I started putting the post together so the posts have been getting better and better.

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