The Ocean City Pier

Waking Up Early to See the Ocean City Pier at First Light

This year we went to Ocean City a month earlier than normal. The problem with that was that we went during the longest days of sunlight of the year. My alarm to capture first light at the pier was set ridiculously early. I did not have the drive to the shore that I normally do though. I just had a short walk down the boardwalk to get to the ocean. Little did I know that this was the one really good day to photograph the sunrise. I had a good time shooting the moments of first light, and then I switched over to under the pier for a while while I was waiting for the sun to rise. I like this image of the pier early in the day with the ocean crashing around it.

The Photos of the Week

With nearly a week in Maryland coupled with a wedding as soon as I came home I have been swamped with photos the last few days. I am still sorting through my vacation photos, but that will have to wait until after the next two weeks of weddings are over. Right now getting those photos delivered is the priority. I did have a few that I sorted out during the flight home that I could include in this weeks edition of the Week in Photos. With no big multi-day tournaments to include the past couple of weeks have felt light. In fact they are more the norm. Here is a link to some of my favorite photos from last week.


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