Winter in LaPorte

Finding The Beauty In Winter In My Hometown

LaPorte is a town that has seen a lot of changes, but some things always seem the same. When I was a kid the indian statue used to be located in between the courthouse and the museum. When the museum building was renovated the indian moved to the spot it is in now in front of the courthouse. I remember looking at the statue in it’s fountain every time that we went across the overpass. Now the indian has a nice quiet spot to hang out at. I have made a few pictures from this location since the indian made his move. I am sure that I will make a few more before I am done.

Photographing Your Hometown

Every time that I go back to LaPorte I take my camera with the intention of making some photos of my birthplace. What ends up happening though is that I end up spending time with family instead of making pictures. At the end of the day that is what is important anyway. With my schedule my time to get back home is not what it should be. I have too many people that I want to visit, and never enough time to do it. It is nice to get out and make some photos though as it brings back some great memories from my childhood.


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