Terradise By The Phantom 4 Lights

Flying High Above Terre Haute

It is funny how quickly things can change. When I made this photo I was still using my GPS to get around Terre Haute. I knew my way around the city a little, but I did not have a great grasp on all that Terre Haute had to offer. I made this photo knowing that the courthouse was the anchor, but not really knowing what was in my background. Now with a little time on my side it is fun to pick out all of the buildings that I have photographed in the past year down the streets.

Holding On To a Photo

This was a photo that was made  a while ago. I don’t always hang on to photos on purpose, but sometimes it is nice when you do. When I made this photo I had several days of sports ahead of me so the blog was going to be full. Instead of cramming the post in there somewhere I just put it aside for another time. Here I was able to appreciate more of the photo by doing just that. I haven’t been flying my drone nearly enough lately. Maybe if we can get a little heat wave soon I can get the drone back up and flying.


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