A Beautiful Blue Hour At Purdue

Blue Hour At Purdue

Tuesday night I was up on campus with one photo in mind. I wanted to see the moon rise through the Purdue clock tower. With clouds racing in from the west I knew that my photo might not happen. All afternoon it was clear, but right at sunset the clouds decided to show up. When you have a blog where you post a photo a day you can’t have a big miss so I made this photo as a safety. You can see the moon photo from my night out here. This was a beautiful night, and this blue hour photo was just the start of things to come.

Making Photos Of The Clock Tower

Last year I really did start the year with the intention not to photograph the clock tower so much. As the year went on it became a big joke to me just how much I photographed it. In fact in my year end recaps I had one that was entirely photos of the clock tower. You can see that post here. It is the one thing on campus though that works with the moon and sun so well. On the other side of the bridge you have the courthouse, but the angles never work out to make a photo of it from a public space. As a reader of this blog I guess you are stuck with a few photos of the clock tower every year. They are just too good to pass up.

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