Surveying The Landscape

The Downy Woodpecker Looks For The Next Tree

While walking out of the Celery Bog one day I saw one last photo to make. I had just had a great morning with the bluebirds so I was feeling pretty good about what I had made. The clouds were moving in so I knew it was time to go. This downy woodpecker gave me a great pose just as the clouds were starting to cover up the blue sky. At first I was not happy about my timing, but when I looked at the photo later I thought that it made it appear as if we were both higher than we were. What do you think?

Going The Extra Mile

This downy woodpecker really is putting everything into finding some breakfast. It is amazing to see just how they contort themselves to get what they need. When they are on the tree I always think that their feet look very interesting as well.

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