My Backyard Birds: The Blue Jay Part Two

A Great Winter For Blue Jay Photos

Over the years the blue jay is the one backyard bird that has never warmed up to me. I see videos of people getting blue jays to take food right from their hands. I don’t get how that is possible. They are for me the shy bird of the backyard. This winter with the help of a couple of bags of peanuts I was able to get the blue jays up much closer to the house, and at least tolerant with me being right there with a big lens. In fact the photo above is probably my favorite blue jay photo to date. Of course like all photography the fun is trying to make a better photo.

More Blue Jay Photos

This year I have been trying to hold the photos back a little in order to have more posts with multiple photos of one bird. I have already made one post this winter with the blue jays that you can see here. I thought that I was lucky to make those photos, but here we are again with another post. My favorite thing about these blue jay photos is how fast you have to be to make them. Even in the photo above where it looks like the blue jay is just sitting there it was only for a moment. They fly down out of the tree in the backyard, grab a peanut, and then leave. They are not here long so it is great practice for putting my focus point on a subject. Anyway enough talking. Here are a couple of bonus blue jay photos.

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