Top Purdue Photos Of 2022

My Favorite Purdue Photos Of 2022

This year I made a little bargain with myself to not make so many photos of the Purdue clock tower. I wanted this list to be diverse. Going up to campus and making photos of the clock tower is just too easy. I wanted to get out and find things that I have not seen before. With that said here are my favorite photos of the Purdue campus from this past year.

Okay we are not off to a good start as the first photo of the countdown has the clock tower in it. It is just kind of in the background though so it is not a major player in the photo so this one will get a pass.

Here you have a snow polisher on the campus of Purdue doing its thing. Of course in the background of the photo is the clock tower, but that just sort of gives you a sense of place.

Okay I am allowed to make a photo or two of the clock tower to put in this post. While up on campus early one morning I made this photo of the clock tower during blue hour. It just looks to good to me not to put on this list.

I went up to campus one day to make photos of the fast moving clouds streaking by. What you really need to make these images stand out is a tall subject in the foreground. The Purdue clock tower fit the bill perfectly here.

The full moon passes behind the Purdue clock tower in this photo. For these types of moonrise photos you really need a subject that stands out from the other buildings. The Purdue clock tower in this instance does just that.

I was out one morning literally waiting for the planets to align when I realized that I could make this photo of the crescent moon over the Purdue clock tower. I did some running around, but I did manage to line it up just over the top of the tower.

Here are a few photos from a couple of nights on top of a parking garage watching the sun set behind the Purdue clock tower. I had some fun making silhouettes of the clock tower letting the sun shine through. On cold winter days these photos really kind of warm me up.

After the sun had set I made this image of the Purdue clock tower from the top of a parking garage. I love the simple gradient that you see after the sun goes down. The Purdue clock tower is a perfect campus building to use in the foreground. I was focused elsewhere when this light was in the sky, but my youngest pointed it out to me. I am glad that she did as it was beautiful to see.

The day before the moon is completely full is usually a good time to get out and make photos of it with a subject. It rises just before sunset with a little light still on the buildings. Here from Slayter Hill I was able to make this image of the moon next to the Purdue clock tower.

The next night after the photo above a low level cloud blocked my sunset idea. The moon came out of that cloud though and gave me this photo. It still worked quite well, and the Purdue clock tower was the perfect foreground subject.

Here are a couple of images of the Purdue clock tower made with my infrared camera. These really don’t count as I have never used the infrared camera on campus before so I am kind of doing something new with it.

Okay this is getting ridiculous. I guess I really like to line up the moon and the Purdue clock tower. They just go together so well though. Add to that the fact that every full moon rise is a little different and it makes you want to get out and keep trying things. I like this photo with the last light of the day on the clock tower.

Here an incoming storm approaches the Purdue clock tower. I like the simple nature of this photo.

Okay maybe just one more of the Purdue clock tower. This photo I made in the fall on a perfect day for making fall foliage photos. I found a little hole in the tree canopy to fit the clock tower into the photo.

One last photo of the Purdue clock tower. I made this one on a rainy night on campus. I love walking campus and finding different reflections to use. I am sure that I look like a crazy person kneeling in a puddle with my camera seemingly in the puddle, but the results are too good not to make these photos.


I have just now realized that this entire list is of images of the Purdue clock tower. I really have a problem. I can’t stop making photos of this part of campus. No matter how much I try and quit it I end up somewhere with it in the background. Tomorrow I will try this list again and see if I can’t include some other part of campus on it.

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