The Moon And The Bell Tower

Photographing The Moon And The Purdue Bell Tower

Last night I was on campus to photograph the moon and the Purdue bell tower again. I have done this a few times, but with every new chance to photograph it comes an opportunity to do something different. Here I lucked out and captured the moon inside of the bell area of the clock tower. This changes the look of the photo quite a bit. With the clouds moving in the regular photo would just not work. This made for a much more interesting image than what I went out with in my mind.

Changing Things Up On The Fly

As the moonrise was getting closer last night the clouds that had stayed away for most of the afternoon started to come in. I was hoping that they would not be moving too fast, but they ended up being part of our photoshoot. When I saw how the moon was illuminating the clouds I decided to try something a little different. I gave up on my idea of having the moon and the bell tower at the same exposure and decided to blow out the moon and go for something completely different. I like how this turned out.

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