Lighting The Purdue Christmas Tree

Lighting The Purdue Christmas Tree

Last night my little one and I went to the Purdue Christmas tree lighting ceremony. When she was younger we would go all of the time. They used to hold the ceremony during the day just after she got out of preschool. This was the first time that it has worked out for us to attend the ceremony at night. It is amazing how many people showed up to see the ceremony. We were there pretty early so we had a good spot to watch it from. I didn’t make many photos, but while Mitch Daniels was talking I made a few. Just before he lit the tree I grabbed my wide angle to show a small portion of the crowd that showed up.

Light It Up

The moment that we were all waiting for was Mitch to light up the tree. This is the last time that he will do this as Purdue President so it seemed like a big moment. When someone is looking down and flipping a switch it really is not that photogenic of a moment, but here is the photo of the tree being lit. In the next few days there will be more photos from this tree that goes up on this blog. For now you can see a portion of the tree being lit.

More Photos From The Night

Here are a few bonus photos from the night. I was not there really covering the event, but I did make some photos to document what we did there. After the tree was lit we did walk outside to see the reindeer out on the lawn. It is not everyday that you can say that you touched a reindeer. Anyway enjoy a few more photos from a fun night.

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