Top Volleyball Photos Of 2022

My Favorite Volleyball Photos Of 2022

Fall is a weird thing. I don’t have enough time to cover all of the sports going on. This year I photographed more football than ever before, but the cost came at covering more soccer and volleyball. Volleyball is a fun sport to cover, but this year I just didn’t get out there as much as I normally do. I am writing this on Sunday night after watching the NCAA selection show. I was so out of the loop that I was hoping to see Purdue hosting. That would at least give me one last weekend to make photos. When they were on the road that meant that my season was over. In the past I made the trip with Purdue, but that was a different time. Next year I need to find a way to get to more games for sure. When I did make it I always had fun. Here are my favorite photos from this past year.

I went to the first home Purdue game of the year as a kind of warm up for my game which was immediately after it. Volleyball is a quick sport, and after a summer of making baseball photos I wanted to exercise my fast twitch muscles a little. Even though I was just warming up as I put it I made some photos that I really liked. This one of senior Ava Torrance was one of my favorites on the day. I love these little moments after a point.

This year was all about finding fun angles with my 24mm lens. Pregame of course is the time to do that. Here while making photos for Utah I was able to get up close and make a fun image.

Volleyball celebrations are great. I usually look early on for the people that might be giving me those great celebrations. When I am making photos for a new team I look for the high energy people in warm ups. They are usually pretty good in game too. Here I had a player that I knew would be amazing in game, and they were.

Another fun image of a Utah player celebrating after a point. In the fall you spend a lot of time far away from players in football and soccer, and in the case of football they have masks on. When you go to volleyball you are right there with the players so that you can see the emotion. This is part of why I love making volleyball photos so much.

I went to a Big Ten matchup for a little fun around mid season. When I saw no other photographers trying to get in the tunnel I went back there to make a photo. I love these little moments right before battle.

Freshman Eva Hudson had a heck of a season for Purdue. The main reason that I went to this game was to make some photographs of Eva. She really has fun playing the game, and that makes for good photos. This was my favorite of the images that I made that day.

It has been really fun covering the career of Maddie Schermerhorn. She is another player that has so much fun playing the game, and the photos just come naturally if you point the camera at her. Here she was a little banged up, but still out there encouraging her teammates.

Raven Colvin just plays the game differently. She can singlehandedly take over a game. When she does that it means good things for Purdue.

Ali Hornung is just as much to photograph as her sister. This year she even wore the #10 that Marissa wore for Purdue. Here she gets ready to return a serve. It will be interesting to watch how she along with the other young players grow over the next year.

There they are. I went to only four matches this year so this countdown is shorter than it normally would have been. Next year I need to find a way to photograph more volleyball. I don’t care if it is high school or college. I just need to get out there and make more volleyball photos.

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