Milwaukee Basketball Visits Purdue

Back In Mackey Arena

Last night I was in Mackey Arena for the home opener of Purdue basketball photographing the Milwaukee Panthers. I have photographed a few sports for the Panthers over the years so it was cool to get another chance to work with them. It was also cool to be back in Mackey for opening night. As the crowd was cheering just before introductions I took it all in. As of right now this is the only game that I will be credentialed for this season. I applied for one for the t-shirt game so I could make my overall photos of the stadium, but I have not heard anything about that one. Mackey is a fun place to be in for sure. I need to find ways to get in there more this year.

Walking In To Mackey

Last night I was making a few photos of the team in the tunnel heading to the court when I followed the last of the group out onto the floor. It was perfect timing to make the photo above. As I was going down the ramp I was quickly changing my settings to make this photo. It might be my favorite photo of the night.

The Camera On The Ground

One of my favorite things to do in basketball season is to have a camera at my feet with a wide lens on it. It is never meant to be for primary photos, but it can add to the gallery with a different perspective. Last night I set my f-stop at f/1.4 to gamble a bit and get a different look. With a full crowd inside of Mackey Arena it really helps make for an interesting photo.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from last night. I started off the night feeling pretty rusty as far as basketball photography goes. After a while it came back and I had a good time. If you have a player or team that you need photos of this winter let me know. I need to find some more basketball games to get to.

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