Wolf Park And A Little Celebration

Heading Back To Wolf Park Again

When this blog first started 11 years ago I went to Wolf Park quite a bit. A lot of the early content of this blog was me learning while out at the park watching the wolves and foxes. I first learned to make photos through fences out at Wolf Park. I had not been out there for seven years though before last night. I took a photowalk inside of the fence, and it changed everything. Once I was inside with the wolves those far away photos from outside of the fence were not as much fun anymore. This year I found the same thing out about sports photography. Once you have the access it is not as much fun when you are back in the stands. My little ones girl scout trip was a great chance to get out to Wolf Park again. It was fun seeing the park through her eyes. I need to make this park part of the blog again. There are not many places that have their own category down below, but I went to Wolf Park so much early on in this blog that it had its own label. I really need to start adding to it.

11 Years Of Fun

Today marks the 11 year anniversary of this blog. It is hard to believe that I have been doing this for so long now. It started with a photo of future Purdue star Danny Anthrop in high school, and for the next 365 days I posted a new photo a day. That photo of the day project saw a lot of changes for me, and I was not always able to put out something good. It was just something to make a photo of. When that year was over I didn’t want to stop writing so I decided to just post whatever. Some of it was new content and some of it was older photos that I could finally post. I had a goal set to go for ten years and then be done with it. A few times on the way to ten years I was ready to hang it up. For some reason though once Covid came this blog changed a bit for me. Instead of something I had to do it became a fun thing to plan ahead for.

I have now made it a year past that goal of ten years. I have some fun things planned to keep it fresh for me as well as you. There are still days where I throw a post together and I am sure that it shows. For the next little stretch of this blog hopefully I can give you something worth clicking on. It is still amazing to me how many people have followed along for most of this time. There are voices in the comments who have been in there for years. When this started it was just something for me. I was amazed that anyone would read it. Over the years it has become something that has gotten me work and advanced my career. I never take any of it for granted and as I should every day I will thank you for sticking around and reading. It really does mean a lot to me.

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