Backyard Bird Portraits: The Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal Enters The Backyard Studio

One fun thing about what I have done in the  backyard is that I almost always have at least one bird in the studio. I am not always out there though, and the birds quickly leave the studio when I enter it. I have been sitting outside this fall a little more though in the hopes that I can capture some birds that I don’t normally get to see as they pass through on their trip south. In doing that the local birds have become a bit more accustomed to me being out there. That means some fun photos for me.

Preparing The Studio For Winter

As winter approaches most of the plants that the birds enjoy will be gone. I will put a couple of feeders back out as I do for most winters. I also though some of the seed on the ground thinking that just a little of it could grow. Last year I did that, and I had some new plants in the yard that I never saw before. The birds loved them so with that encouragement I will probably do it a little more this year. It is a very easy way to feed the birds and at the same time luck into some things that will feed them all year round.

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