Look Up!

A Quick Photo

The other night I went out to check something out in our yard when I saw the moon had just cleared the trees. It was the perfect light to make a moon photo so I ran into the house to grab my camera. It was set up for bird photos which also just so happens to take my long lens with an extender on it. I made a few photos before heading back into the house. I love it when these little moments work out unexpectedly.

When The Plan Doesn’t Work

Last night I had a plan to make a photo of the moon rising. Some clouds and a lack of a great location to make the photo made me just pause the idea. Sometimes the moon lines up perfectly with a landmark. Last night there was a very slim chance of one building, but I needed a lot to go right in my favor. The good thing about making photos of the full moon is that you have another chance coming up in a month.

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