A Sly Smile

A Chance Encounter

Normally in the backyard the tufted titmouse will not get too close to me. Yesterday admittedly I was not out looking for this bird. I was watching the migrant birds move through the yard. This titmouse though came up fairly close to me before smiling and then flying further away. You have to think that normally I would be over the moon with a titmouse photo, but I was ignoring the bird. Of course the bird found a way to make sure that I saw it and paid attention to it. Maybe I should always act like I don’t care about the titmouse.

Expect The Unexpected

When I went out back yesterday I was really hoping for a couple of rare finds for my backyard. The day before saw a lot of warblers, and a few more would be pretty cool. I did see some warblers, but this photo here was by far my favorite of the day. A cool pose from a bird that I don’t normally get to see too close. One thing that I always like to try and keep in mind when I am photographing sports or wildlife is to go in with no expectations and take what you are given. Here I had definitely come in with some expectations, but I quickly threw them away when this opportunity presented itself.

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