More With My Backyard Hummingbird

More Backyard Hummingbirds

Last week I was at our kitchen sink when I saw a couple of hummingbirds in a Top Gun style dogfight in the backyard. A new set of hummingbirds were in the yard and a battle for the feeder had begun. The two new hummingbirds were pretty ruthless and won control of the feeder. In the process of these battles I was able to make some in flight photos of the hummingbirds. It is not an easy proposition, but when you nail a photo it feels so good. These are little birds moving very, very fast. The battle for the feeder lasted a couple of days before the new birds moved on. It was an interesting time though, and let me make some photos that I really liked.

Gaining Trust

One thing that I talk about when covering a team for a season is how you have to gain their trust. You make sure that they know that you are there to make them look good. I feel that I have gained the trust of my hummingbirds in the backyard. They are not worried about the photos, but they see me as the guy that brings more food to them. They don’t mind that I am close because I have gained their trust. That came in handy during the couple of days that the new hummingbirds were around. When I walked near the feeder the new bullies would fly away. As long as I stood near the feeder my summer long hummingbirds could come back and feed. It may sound weird, but I did this a few times a day so that my hummingbirds could get something too. Below are a few photos from those couple of days of some epic battles in the backyard. Because I am a little behind on my hummingbirds posts I know right now that I have at least two more coming down the line. These birds will leave at any time now so every chance that I get to photograph them could be the last time. They are great practice though for any other kind of action photography.

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