All Within My Hands

The Sculptures Of Campus

Sunday morning we took an early morning stroll on campus checking out some portions of it that we don’t get to all that often. I photographed this sculpture on campus when it was fairly new, but my little one has only been to it once or twice. It is always fun walking campus with the kids as they see things completely different than I do. We really need to go on more of these walks.

Where Did Our Butterflies Go?

Every summer we create a little butterfly garden in our backyard with some naturally growing vines that the monarchs seem to love. By this time of the year I will have usually already documented quite a bit of behavior from egg to cocoon. This year we have only seen a few butterflies and we have not really seen any eggs yet. It has been a weird summer in that way. Here though we know that we have one butterfly that we can always take the kids to.

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