Reflections Of Purdue

Reflecting On The Chaney-Hale Hall Of Science

When this building was being constructed on campus I knew that I would be here often. The large bank of windows gives so many possibilities when making photos. When you add some freshly made puddles on campus the building becomes even cooler. The other night while out chasing rainbows and sunsets I stayed after the sun went down to find some puddles on campus for some reflection photography. As I was leaving I made sure to walk by Chaney-Hale to make a couple of photos.

Back To The Old Days

Lately I have been watching some of the early videos that I watched when I started this photography journey. Part of the fun of those old videos were the excitement for the hobby that they gave me. Now that it is back being a hobby I have been really enjoying just getting out and making photos. No stressing about getting 25 rejections letters in a day or booking that next client. No worrying about chasing the money once you finished the work. Just out there making photos. That is why I started doing this in the first place. My challenge for this next school year is to challenge myself. To get out there and make photos that I have not made before. The most important thing though is to have fun doing it. This is a super fun hobby that has given me joy for many years. When I was doing photography full time I always joked that photography was also my hobby. Now though I will have more time for the hobby.

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