Time For The Bees

Having Some Fun With The Macro Lens

Summer is usually the time of the year when the macro lens comes out. There are all kinds of cool things going on that the macro lens helps me get a little closer to. One way that I like to use it is to sit out in front of our house and watch the bees flying among the coneflowers. I usually pick a spot with some nice looking coneflowers and a decent background. I then wait for the bees to come to those spots. You can chase them if you want, but I try and pick something pleasing for them to land on if I can. There are enough in the area that something will come to me if I am just a little patient. This is a fun exercise for my patience, and it also helps my photography as you have to put the focus point on these little bees.

A Few Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from my first time out with the bees. I am sure that a few more photos will show up eventually.

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