The Buck Moon Over Purdue

Watching The Buck Moon Rise Over Purdue

Last night I went up to campus to make a photo that I have wanted to make for a long time. I finally knew that I would have the full buck moon directly behind the clock tower as it rose. Some late day clouds came in though to steal the show. My original idea was not going to work so I quickly moved down the hill and to the left to make the image that you see above. One great thing about moon photography is that if you have a nice incline and room to move you can have multiple chances to make a nice photo. I had not planned to have clouds in front of the moon when I left the house, but I kind of liked how it turned out.

A Slight Problem

As you can see above if the low level clouds had not been in the way this could have been a very cool photo. It was just what I wanted. The good news is that you get 13 chances a year at a full moon. This alignment will happen again. If photography was an easy thing then it would not be very fun. It is the quick problem solving that you have to do that draws me to it. The near misses keep you hungry for the next photo.

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