Summer Fountain Runs

Heading Up To Campus To Cool Down In The Summer

Every summer this blog will inevitably have a few photos of the Loeb Fountain on campus. On hot days we will head up there for a little fun in the water. Of course while that is going on I will also make a few photos. On this night the kids were busy so I went up myself to have some fun. I made my typical long exposure images of the fountain and then took a quick stroll of campus. On my way back the sun was in the perfect spot to make this photo.

Dusting Off Some Old Equipment

The last couple of days on the blog have seen some photos with some lenses that I have not used in a while. The moon photo yesterday was made with my 600mm lens. I pretty much quit using it for sports because manually focusing during a sporting event is just not the fun that it once was. For a static photo though it worked perfectly. Here I used my 12-24mm lens to get right into the fountain. I have not used the ultra wide lens as much as I used to, but it was still great to get it out again.

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